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New Years Resolutions and Goals… 2009

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There are exactly six weeks left in 2009. I hadn’t thought much about it until I read a blog post by Shae Bynes about what she’ll be focusing on for the rest of the year. Far too often I postpone starting the things that will get me what I want.

Overeating during one meal turns into a week of bad food choices, and I’m always telling myself I’ll start my diet again next week. I silently promise myself that I’m going to go back to church, every week, but I stay up uber late sunday morning. I want to track my spending and most of the time I’m unsuccessful, but sometimes I don’t record a few cash purchases. I convice myself that I’ll figure it out later. And the list goes on.

It’s so easy to get distracted and off course, especially when you don’t know what you want to accomplish. It’s even eaiser to tell yourself that there’s still time to get the desired result later, always later. However, I really want to end 2009 with a bang! There’s still enough time to achieve some of my short-term goals and make significant progress toward some of my long-term goals.

So, like Shae, I’m going to “focus [my] self-discipline on a single purpose.” (Quote from Dan Kennedy’s book “No B.S. Time Management For Entrepreneurs“) I’m actually going to choose a few single purposes to work on:

  • Real Estate  –  Close my first real estate deal!!!
  • Social Media/Web 2.0 – Write at least 1 blog post per week
  • Health – lose 15 pounds
  • Family & Friends – Finally send thank you cards to everyone who attended my bday party in April (I know – it’s horrible)
  • Relationship with God – attend church every sunday for the rest of the year
  • Personal Finance – track all spending, create new personal financial statements
  • Service – volunteer at Open Hand for at least 20 hours

I’m sure these goals will keep me busy for the next six weeks and will help me move toward my long term goals. Thank you Shae, for the inspiration to pursue my goals with a laser-like focus.  I hope you will take the opportunity to map out the things you want to achieve over the next six weeks too.

Don’t forget to tell me how it goes, okay!?


Written by Stephanie Peay

November 19, 2009 at 5:19 pm