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I ♥ Padmapper

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By Stephanie Peay

I have a account and I’ve had so much fun engaging in the ongoing conversation there, and on several other social network sites. I felt a bit awkward on the site at first, but over time I learned so much about it, I met so many amazing people, and I became aware of some really amazing company’s products and services. is one such service.

I’ve stated it in a tweet (a tweet is a message posted by a user on once, and it has become the title of this post now… I Heart Padmapper! I don’t know if there are other sites out there that do the same thing, but even if there are I love this site. If you don’t know about the service:

PadMapper is a web application that aims to make searching online for an apartment to rent less painful by letting you see where the apartments are on a big Google map, and using the filters located in the box on the lower left to eliminate listings that you’re not interested in.

With PadMapper, you can rule out every place on Craigslist and PadMapper’s other sources (, and tons of sources via Oodle) that doesn’t match your location criteria at a glance. After that, PadMapper tries to put most of the relevant information in front of you so you can quickly decide whether you want to investigate further.


This site isn’t just great if you’re looking for your next apartment or house rental. It’s a great source of local rental information for real estate investing market research. Thanks to this site you don’t have to scour through a bunch of classified ad sites to get this information. You can quickly see what the rental market is like by searching this site alone.

I’ve used it recently to do just that and it was SO helpful. At a glance, I was able to see how much the rents are in an area for a house I was looking at, just by entering the property’s address. Plus you have to admit they have a catchy name.

If you heart Padmapper, or you know of another site like it, please leave a comment on this post.

You could also show Padmapper some love by following them on twitter at @Padmapper. Tell them I sent you!


Newspaper Print, Thousands of Links, or the Atlanta Foreclosure Report?

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By Stephanie Peay

Three Ways To Locate Thousands of Pre-Foreclosure Leads in Georgia

Yesterday I spoke with an investor who is beginning their wholesale business. They have been trying to locate individuals, to no avail, who are facing foreclosure. At first I wondered how they could possibly have a hard time finding pre-foreclosures. Right now, you don’t have to walk very far to find plenty of people in distressed situations. Then again, if you’re looking in the wrong place, you’ll never find them.

Well, that led me to the question I asked next… Where are you looking? His answer doesn’t really matter because it was in fact the wrong place. However, I don’t want you to have to search in the wrong place for the right answer. If you’re looking for a list of people facing foreclosure, you need to look in the legal newspaper in each county you are researching.

For example, in Fulton County, GA you would look for legal ads in The Daily Report. The Daily Report is the legal organ for the county. The corresponding paper for DeKalb County is The Champion. Each county has their own newspaper where the legal ads, including mortgage foreclosure listings, are published.

Some of the newspapers even have websites. The process is even easier for those papers because you can just point and click! The website for The Daily Report is a case in point. ( Once you get to the site click on “Legal Ads”, under “Public Notices” at the top of the page, then click “Mortgage Foreclosures.”

Once you get to the ads you can click on each one and gather the information you need. The ad on the site appears the same way it does in the physical paper version. You’ll be able to see the name of the homeowner, how much they owe to their lender, the address of the property, the name of the lawyer, and more. From that point you follow the process you have set in place to contact homeowners about purchasing properties or starting short sales.

If you’re like me, you don’t want to go through hundreds, if not thousands of ads, to get the information that you need each month. In Georgia, you have another option. It’s called the Atlanta Foreclosure Report and it’s published monthly by Equity Depot. (

The report is actually a database on their site where you can search for pre-foreclosure auction properties. It gives, the same information the newspapers do, however you don’t have to scan through each individual ad to get it. There is a cost to the service; however that cost is miniscule in comparison to the time you save. Plus, you can create mailing labels to homeowners or export the data into Excel.

Whichever method you use to get the information I hope that you found some value in this article. If you have any comments please feel free to share them, especially if you’re familiar with the Atlanta Foreclosure Report or the legal newspapers. Better yet, if you know of a better way to get this information, please let us know.

Written by Stephanie Peay

October 13, 2009 at 3:44 pm

Equity Trust: What are Allowable Investments in a Self Directed IRA?

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My dad was the first person to tell me about IRA custodian companies. I was under the mistaken impression that I could only invest in stocks and mutual funds with my retirement accounts. He corrected my assumption and told me about a self directed IRA custodian called Equity Trust Company. I thought it was a nice concept because, at the time, the stock market was beginning to get rocky. However, I didn’t investigate it because I couldn’t imagine what else I would invest my money in.

It wasn’t until I heard someone speak at a Georgia Real Estate Investors Association (GAREIA) event that I realized that the IRS allowed investments in real estate. Ignorance may be bliss, but it’ll also make you poor! 

Actually, there are quite a number of “[allowable] investments at Equity Trust include the following:

  • Residential real estate—including apartments, single family homes, and duplexes
  • Commercial real estate
  • Undeveloped or raw land
  • Real estate notes (mortgages and deeds of trusts)
  • Promissory notes
  • Private limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and C corporations
  • Tax lien certificates
  • Foreign currencies
  • Oil and gas investments
  • Publicly traded stocks, bonds, mutual funds (see our Brokerage Information)
  • Private stock offerings, private placements
  • Judgments/structured settlements
  • Gold bullion
  • Car paper
  • Factoring investments
  • Accounts receivable
  • Equipment leasing”

I haven’t opened a self directed IRA account yet, but I have learned more about the process through Equity Trust. (There are other companies out there who serve as custodians for these accounts – I just like Equity Trust). Their staff is great! They call me periodically to give me more information and to ask if I have any questions. Also, they don’t hassle me to buy anything or open an account before I’m ready.

Here’s a quick video from them about allowable investments in self directed IRAs:


I am not an attorney or an accountant! Please seek out the advice of these professionals before you make ANY investment decisions because the burden of due dilligence lies on you. This post is for information purposes only.

Written by Stephanie Peay

September 10, 2009 at 1:24 am

How To Create Money And Traffic On Demand

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Hi Everybody,

With so many people offering products on internet and affiliate marketing it’s easy to get overwhelmed! How do you choose someone?

Well, to begin with it might help if the person has been in this business for a while. As much as I want to claim that I’m an internet marketing superstar, for now, I can’t. Social Media Marketing is a fascinating industry, but I just recently got started in it.

And actually it was an afterthought because I wanted to learn how to use it for my real estate business. (BTW, although I hesitate once again to promote my links, because everything isn’t perfect, they’re posted on the blog below in the right hand column)

You could also decide whose advice to follow by sampling some of the material they offer for free, if any. Most internet marketers seem to understand that sometimes you have to give something to get something.

Some are better at it than others, but either way it gives you the chance to see what kind of training they have available and if it meets your needs. Join their mailing lists, view their blogs, learn what you can, then try it all out.

Ultimately, if you find someone who’s truly an expert, teaches in a way that doesn’t bore you to tears, confuse you, and offers the tools, tips & training you need, you probably found a winner.

 There are a lot of possibilities out there; this blog post and the one before it are about Jeff Johnson. He’s a Super Affiliate and he’s got awesome training material, he can teach you how:

You can literally create traffic and money on demand when you follow his basic steps…

It’s really much easier than you think.

And he has been proving it for the last 5 years to thousands of people just like you.

Check it out, this guy really knows his stuff:



This stuff is Not rocket science, anyone can do it.

And his system is truly step-by-step.

Highly Recommended!

Stephanie Peay

Written by Stephanie Peay

September 8, 2009 at 4:29 pm