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2009 New Year Resolution & Goals Update #2

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Project “End 2009 with a bang”

Week 2 (of 6)

I’ve been M.I.A from all things social media for the last week, so this update for this week is late, but I’ve still been making progress…


  • Health – lose 15 pounds
  • Family & Friends – Finally send thank you cards to everyone who attended my birthday party in April (I know – it’s horrible)
  • Relationship with God – attend church every Sunday for the rest of the year

Update #2


only lost 0.2 pounds this week. Then again, it was two days after Thanksgivings day so that was almost like losing 2 pounds. 😀

Family & Friends

Unfortunately, I haven’t done anything here…

Relationship with God

Even after hanging out with my one of  my homies/sorors the night before, I went to church again this week. (By the way, everyone should go see the movie “The Blind Side”)

However, my sister did have to come by to help nudge me out of bed… I was going to get up and go, or hear her sing “Ladies Night” over and over, and over again. Thanks sister! 😐


Written by Stephanie Peay

December 5, 2009 at 9:33 pm

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  1. LOL!

    Girl, what IS the hold up on sending out the thank you cards? Perhaps now they should just be Christmas cards…and then inside you can also thank them for coming to your party. LOL!


    December 6, 2009 at 6:57 pm

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