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Today should be: Freebie “so you don’t have to labor as much” Day

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Labor Less and Have Fun on Labor Day

Earlier this weekend, I received an email from a real estate guru who was offering material that was supposed to ultimately  help me “labor less”. He was selling the material, and I wasn’t buying, so I tuned out and erased the message.

However, given that today is Labor day I do like the idea of providing people with resources that will make their lives, both professionally and personally, easier. So I’ve compiled this list of websites that I hope will provide solutions to your problems, save you time, give you new ideas, or entertain you.

You’ve already saved time by not waiting all day to see the links on my twitter page, good work! (But make sure you get back to my twitter page soon).  

Check out these links for the freebies:

I wish I could think of more links to give out! I’m sure I’ll post them, whenever I come across new sites, on my twitter or facebook pages so make sure you check in every once in awhile. 

Do you know of any other websites that offer services or products for free? Please add them by posting a comment, or leave a comment on the links I did provide! I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Oh yeah, by the way… I hope you enjoy your Labor Day!



Written by Stephanie Peay

September 7, 2009 at 8:30 am

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