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Push Button Money

Right before I posted my blog Message and video yesterday I deleted a few of the messages I wrote between the first “Hello World” message and the latest. They were all about Jeff Walker and Greg Clement’s Smart Internet Marketing Solution (SIMS) program. I was a pretty big cheerleader for the program before they finished their launch. I, like a lot of people, were excited about the roll out of a program that was going to simplify and teach internet marketing and help people apply it to real estate.

I wasn’t an affiliate for SIMS, and I hadn’t planned on purchasing the program, but it was fun to feel like I was a part of the conversation about it. (Even if I was only providing links and webinar information to others who were also interested in it) During that same time I did receive a free DVD that internet marketer Tellman Knudson was offering.

I’m often skeptical when someone offers something for “free,” especially valuable information. I thought there probably wasn’t going to be much information in the DVD. However, I was wrong. The material was informative, simple to understand, task oriented. I was quite surprised!

I also have the opportunity to be an affiliate for their company, even though I never intended to promote the products. Initially, I just wanted to use whatever information I received from it for my own purposes and let others discover it on their own. Now, I’m not saying I’m racking in a pile of money, yet, but I do like singing the praises of products and companies that are doing a great job. (I don’t get the opportunity to do so enough). If you are looking to learn how to

Internet Marketing

Driving traffic to websites

• Building Lists

• Create an “Instant Money Button” Income Stream

then you it would be a good idea for you to take advantage of what he has to offer right now. However, he also has a new product that he’s launching right now. The 13th Module will show you:

How To Get Instant Traffic

Your own proven product templates

• The special pages you need to build a list

• And a proven sales letters to make it all come together

• Plus a trick to have you making weekly windfalls in 9 days or less!

I don’t know how long his promotions or deals are going to last. A few words to the wise – don’t judge a book by its cover (i.e. Tellman) and consider that you can learn something new from everybody. In this case you can learn a lot!!!

He wants to help you get a complete business up and running for pennies on the dollar. At the very least, learn more about what Tellman’s got to offer by going to his website and getting his new free cd. There is a cost for shipping, but it’s well worth it!!! Trust me, you and your bank account will thank me for telling you about it. (I like gifts too – especially gadgets ;-))

Stephanie Peay

Watch the video here –>

P.S. Even if you think you’ve seen this video before, keep watching all the way through – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Watch it before it’s too late –>


Written by Stephanie Peay

September 3, 2009 at 2:01 pm

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